Sunday, January 30, 2011

these are a few of my favorite things.

.saturday mornings.

Im sorry. I feel like me and bensons days at home have been a little boring lately. So forgive me for blogging about something as simple as making lemonade. but its amazing and one of my most favorite beverages. So im thinkin it deserves a little love.  I am loving the fact that we have our very own lemon tree in our backyard. This is our second year with fruit. free fruit. i still cant get over that concept. Its like having our very own money tree out back. a money tree which pays us with sweet sweet lemonade.

I woke up Saturday and was craving some of that lemony goodness. So me and bens got our beach bucket and picked us some lemons. It took us a few trips because we decided to clean out the whole tree. We brought our lemons inside and Benson sat on the counter while I cut them all. Of course he had to have his very own half. which he licked and carried around the rest of the morning. The most amazing lemon fragrance soon filled our home. Lemon is one of those scents that just makes me happy. kind of like when I was younger and the scent of Burger King would make me happy. Like that but better. Then we got out the juicer. I turned on some tunes and we danced our hearts out while we juiced. I made sure to show little bens all his momma's best moves, and he did his best to imitate. 

I love moments like this in our day. They seem to happen alot lately. These moments where we are doing something so ordinary, like making lemonade, and we turn it into something else. beyond happy. something so happy it makes my heart hurt. 

Friday, January 14, 2011

there's no reason to cry.

Really I cant complain. Benson is an awesome kid. He never cries at the times I think he should. He doesnt cry when I put him down for bed or naps. He doesnt cry when we leave him with friends or family. He usually doesnt cry when he gets hurt. But...i have noticed that our little benson boy is very sensitive when it comes to food. go figure.

This reminds me of a story about little Bryce that his family once told me. They were at the movies seeing Land Before Time (yes, the first one) so Bryce was pretty young at the time. Around the point in the movie where the mother dinosaur dies, Bryce's dad looked down and noticed that Bryce was crying. He asked him what was wrong. I'm sure he was expecting a question like "why did the dinosaur have to die?" but instead little Bryce with big water filled eyes said...

"i'm out of popcorn."

Go figure. Now I know where my son gets it from.

But really Bens, there is no reason to cry over food...

.there is no reason to cry when you cant reach the last fruit snack squished into the corner of the pack.

.there is no reason to cry when I wont let you have a gogurt EVERY time I open the fridge.

.there is no reason to cry when we wont let you dip ALL of your food into a dipping sauce.

.there is no reason to cry when I wont let you suck on a packet of hot cocoa mix.

.there is no reason to cry whenever I stick your food into the toaster or microwave. Its coming back I promise.

I would like to think that someday he will grow out of all of this. But who am I kidding. Bryce is still sensitive about his movie theatre popcorn.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

to kayli. my favorite sister.

But I can remember when you weren't my favorite. I think it was the first 14 years of your life. You were a tattle tale. And a bit annoying. I remember visiting Aunt Pam up in Payson and seeing how much mom loved her only sister. I distinctively remember mom telling me "someday britt you will love Kayli" and then i remember throwing up in my mouth, just a little bit. I remember thinking, its just not possible.

And then it happened. It was your 9th grade year. The year I started to love you. and i haven't stopped since. We became more than sisters over the next many years..we became best friends. When Bryce left on his mission. It was just you and me sister. We hung out. We bonded. We were the closest we have ever been. Eventually Bryce came home and we got married. I still remember hugging you before we headed to the temple. We both cried. We both loved eachother.

And now its your turn. to start a new life with the one you love. I'm grateful that you found eachother. I'm grateful that he fits into our family like a glove. And im grateful that you are both photogenic or else Saturday wouldnt have been nearly as fun.

Here is a sneak peek of your session. Just letting you know that I cried editing a few of them. And I cried writing this post. Thats how much i love you.

Friday, January 7, 2011

sunrise. and some vanilla ice.

We were finally able to hit up the slopes on Tuesday. Along with everything else me and bryce enjoy, there is also snowboarding. Its been a long three winters without it. I blame Benson. We both picked it up in high school and have been enjoying it ever since. We also took Brett, who we have been promising to take for the past couple of seasons. 

It was a beautiful day. We were still in Arizona so the snow wasnt that amazing. mostly packed powder. But there was hardly anyone there which made it that much more enjoyable. There is nothing worse than a big crowd when your coming down the slopes. Especially for me, I think I am a little bit of a nervous rider. When I hear a boarder come behind me (or if a dang skier gets too close) it freaks me out, and I usually end up biffing. But this day was awesome. There were some runs that we never even saw another rider.

I was grateful that I picked up right where I left off three years ago. I think it was somewhere between awesome and amazing :) No. i'm nowhere near any of those. It was just nice to be able to carve down the mountain without falling. I did have one favorite biff. It was on our last run of the day. I had become fairly comfortable on the board. A little too comfortable. I caught a bad edge, and it had slammed me on my back. I looked up for some husbandly support. Bryce was already down the mountain. And then the sweetest little girl came swishing by me on ski's, and in the cutest little voice you've ever heard, called out "hey are you ok?" I told her "yes thank you!" she yelled "ok" and then proceeded to swish down the hill and rode up along a sideburn like she was some kind of professional skier. She couldnt have been more than 8 years old. but she had made my day with her sweet little voice of concern. She might of just opened up my heart a little bit to skiers. just a little bit.

Im glad we were able to go and spend the day at Sunrise. Its funny, once you have children, its so easy to stop doing the things you once loved. The things that make you feel young again. my heart felt like I was a teenager again. my body unfortunately felt like a train wreck. 

I wasnt able to take too many pics due to cold fingers but you can check out Bryce's footage from the day. It might just make you want to hit the slopes.

Snowboarding Sunrise from Bryce Gurr on Vimeo.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

it was a good fight.

A conversation that comes up EVERY vacation we go on:

(Bryce) "If you had money for a second home would you buy a cabin or a beach house?"
(Me) "You know my answer. A beach house."

Literally. This question comes up every time we travel. And every time I tell Bryce the same answer. It's never the answer he his hoping for, which is why I think he feels the need to always ask it. Secretly hoping that one day his ears might hear me say "cabin." and then i'm pretty sure he would head to the bank, and then start building a cabin.

Really, there is no better nature scene than the ocean. i love it. I can really just sit and stare at it for hours.

But im not going to lie, the forest really put up a good fight this weekend.

We went up to Bryce's Grandparents cabin for New Year's. It started snowing on us even before we got to Payson. By time we got to their cabin which is up by Christopher Creek, the snow was a couple feet deep.

I dont think I could ever live in the snow. But i do love to visit it. We had the time of our lives sledding.

But perhaps my most favorite part of the weekend was sitting in the warmth of the cabin, hot cocoa in hand, and just looking out at the snow and the trees. It really was the most beautiful sight. Something I could possibly look at for hours. The best word I can think of to describe it was ..still.. When you look at it long enough you can feel that sense of stillness. I look outside our office window now and my eyes are aching for that still scene again.

I was a lover of the snow this weekend.
The forest fought hard and long.
It was a good fight.
Now all I can think about is...
When's our next trip to the beach.


Here's a video that Bryce put together of our weekend in the snow.

New Year's Day at the Cabin from Bryce Gurr on Vimeo.