Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sorry Bens.

Mom has been busy lately.

I'm sorry I haven't given you the attention you've been wanting.

I'm sorry i haven't taken you to the park in a few days..
Or taken you for a bike ride.

I'm sorry I've been working and not watching what your getting into.

I'm sorry you opened the door to the bathroom and played in the toilet for a while.

I'm sorry that I got scared and mad when I searched the whole house for you and then found you hiding in the closet with the sewing machine.

I'm sorry that I haven't read you books lately
I'm sorry that you have to read to yourself...old birthday cards you found in my closet.

I'm sorry that you got into the laundry room and ate the laundry soap.

I'm sorry that I keep you in pajamas probably longer than I should.

I'm sorry for being a bad mom this last week.
No matter how busy I am. There's no excuse for me not to take a break..
And play in the toilet with you.

Monday, November 8, 2010

the land of disney.

It was a little warm. it was a little busy. it was a little magical. it was the best day ever.

I have waited my whole life to be able to take my children to Disneyland. This last weekend we were able to take Benson for the first time! It was a day that, i'm pretty sure, he will remember for the rest of his life :)

Here is a pic of our group. Me Bryce and Benson, Ethan (kayli's boyfriend) Kayli, Brett, Mom, and Brynn.

For those of you who don't know Brynn. Me and Kayli like to think of her as the down syndrome sister we never had. She feels like part of our family. My mom first met her when she worked at Stapley Jr high in the special needs class. Through a program called Respit my mom is able to take care of her during the weekdays when she is done with school. I love the way Benson interacts with Brynn. Almost like he knows something is special about her. He loved Brynn on this trip. At disneyland he sometimes wouldn't want anyone to hold him but her. On our way back to the hotel one night Brynn sang to Benson. She sang a  lullaby song and one of Benson's favorites "I am a child of God." I am getting teary eyed just thinking about that sweet moment.

 back to disneyland

Benson had the time of his life. He loved the rides. His favorite was the rocket ride. He thought they were airplanes which is his favorite thing right now. Poor kid started to cry when he had to get off. His next favorite thing to do was to hold onto the gate and watch the rides go by. I love how simple kids can be. Benson probably would have been the happiest little boy just by watching the rides and pointing at all the balloons as they flew by. This kid ran around disneyland until he couldnt run anymore. and then he slept. he woke up and then picked up right where he left off. 

I would love nothing more than to tell you that Benson loved Mickey Mouse. Yea, sure, he loved Mickey from a distance and wanted to run up and be his best friend. But when that big ol mickey head got close to him he freaked out. And couldn't even keep his eyes off him even for a picture.

What an awesome day I had. When I was younger I used to think the best day at Disneyland was one with no crowds, good weather, and no lines. Something changed. Somewhere down the road I got a husband and the greatest little boy a mother could ask for. And now, the best days at Disneyland, are with them. 

Bryce put together a video for Benson's first time at Disneyland...check it out.

Benson's first trip to Disneyland from Bryce Gurr on Vimeo.

Monday, November 1, 2010


Nah. Spoiled rotten is more like it. I guess thats what i get for having a husband who makes all my stinkin dreams come true. Yes, my travel trailer dream. it came true. last week. Well right now, its looks more like a nightmare than a dream come true. But with a little gurr family TLC I think one day. one day. it might look something like a dream.

Here she is. Our 1962 Shasta Travel Trailer. We went with a Shasta because its the next most popular classic travel trailer, next to airstream of course.

The outside is in pretty good shape which is the reason we purchased this one. Its gonna need some sanding and sweet new paint job. We are staying with the original z stripe which Shasta is known for. But the bottom color will be some kind of teal and the top a vintage white. I think my favorite part of this trailer is the wrap around windows on the front. classic.

Ok. now for the inside. to put it in terms you can understand. its a piece of junk. but what can you expect from a 48 year old trailer. there's rotten wood, there's graffiti, there's old cushions, there's fabric on those old cushions. itching. i'm literally itching thinking about it. kind of like when you go to the thrift store and you somehow walk out itching and sneezing, yes like that. but a little worse.

The inside is going to be completely redone. Everything is coming out. If we can, we will reuse the cabinets and wood that are in good shape.

Yes. Its gonna be alot of work. not sure what we got ourselves into. But...its going to be fun. Its going to be a fun little family project the next many months. and its going to be fun when we take Shasta on her very first campout to the beach. So stick around. and join us as we turn this ugly beast into a beauty.