Wednesday, June 29, 2011


For most of my life there has not been an emotional side to hair. Its always just been there. in its pony. where it belongs. I used to think it was funny to hear of girls who cry over their hair...whether it was a dramatic cut, bad cut, wrong color, etc. I have never experienced that emotion.. until it came time to cut little Benson's hair. I thought i had mentally prepared myself for monday night. But it hurt. alot more than I thought it would. I loved his long hair. Don't get me wrong he is still a stud with his haircut. But i will be missin those long locks. Im already looking forward to seeing it grow. watching it day by day. until it is back where it belongs. long. long enough to fit into a pony. just like moms.

we were able to get in a quick morning session before his hair cut. 

 do you even recognize this boy?

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

camping with the gurrs.

One of the things that me and bryce and our friends loved to do in high school was go camping. It seemed like we were always heading up to Payson, Sycamore, or Bushnell whenever we got the chance. Which is why I am so shocked that we havent taken Benson as much as we have. Ok maybe i know why, because its a TON of work. Even for an overnighter, we had the whole truck full. Its alot of work setting up a tent and getting it ready for the night. A night in which i usually only sleep a total of two hours. And then we have to take the tent down and pack everything away the next day. yea, alot of work. But there are certain things that I LOVE about camping. Things that make all the hard work worth it.

Here are a few of those things..

I love being in nature. i love everything about it. the sounds. the smells. watching the pine trees move in the wind, there's nothing better.

I love camping with family. Bryce's whole family was able to be there except Blake, who is serving a mission in California.

I love camping with my little family.

I love our camping spot. hidden in its own little valley of pine trees. It was our favorite spot in high school to camp.

I love camping with Benson. I love how happy this boy is when he is in the outdoors. 

I love not caring about how dirty he gets

I love how we don't have to bring toys with us because benson loves flowers and other natural oreos.

I love it when you can't tell whats a boo boo, whats dirt, and whats food.

I love having cousins there to play with Benson

i love pinecones. I feel like camping isn't camping without pine trees.

I love our Weather Master 10. Yes, this is our ten person tent for our little family of three. It's the best thing that ever happened to our camping experience. Its got plenty of room for our double high air mattress, side table, and benson even has his own room.

I love cooking when we camp. Well, Bryce loves cooking when we camp. Its probably the thing we love to do most. I'm not sure why but everything tastes better when you're camping. Friday night we had steaks and every vegetable you could imagine. And saturday Loran made home made Arizona Burritos (Fili-B fans know what i'm talking about).

I love nighttime. I love getting bundled up, sitting and visiting with family.

I love flashlights, that can make messages for Blake who was not with us.

and I love the millions of stars that can't be seen in the city.

Yea, i think this camping trip was worth all of the work.