Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Payson with the Gurrs

We just had a great weekend with the Gurrs up at the family cabin. The weekend consisted of family pictures. naps in the hammock. bbqing. Ticket to Ride. relaxation. quad riding. reading. afternoon thunderstorms. cartwheels... handstands... splits... I never realized my inlaws were so flexible :) But I do have to say the best part of the whole weekend is the times when we are together. All 15 of us. Playing games or just hanging out. I love being able to say that I love my inlaws. Here are some pics from our family photo shoot.

Anatomy of this next shot...
Let me paint a picture for you. We dont have anyone taking our pictures. We have a tripod. And a ten second timer. For this shot the camera was down in the creek bed and we were obviously up on top of the bridge. Do you notice how everyone has good natural smiles? Thats because they were able to watch me as I started the timer and had to run up that overgrown vegetated slope and to my position by Bryce. They cheared. They smiled. Im sure deep down they were laughing. But we got the shot. Thats all that matters.

I think this next one is one of my favorites from the whole day.

When we first found this hat, I fell in love, and knew we had to get it for him for these pictures. I love how cute it is and I love how it is a 24 month hat. Im sorry for laughing, I really do love your big head Benson Boy.

I had to put this last pic of Benson and Blake on. Because this was the reason for the whole trip. Blake is leaving on a mission in a couple weeks. Just want you to know how much our little family loves you Blake. We are so proud of the amazing young man you have become and we know you are going to make an amazing missionary. Benson is sure going to miss you, Uncle Blake!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Benson's Birthday

So Benson turned one on August 13th and we had a little party for him the next day. Needless to say it turned out great thanks to all of our friends and family! I'm sure he will always remember that special day and always remember all the hard work that his mom put into making those soda bottle labels :)

A big shout out to my Mom, Grandma, and little brother and sister for helping me on Saturday. I couldn't have done it without you!

Yep those soda's have a different pic of Bens on each one.

My awesome mother in law made Benson this huge cupcake!

Bryce's parents got Benson this classic Little Tikes car which he absolutely loves!

Benson started out slow and cautious...

...and then pretty much ate the whole thing.

After the party. After the presents. After the friends and family. It was just us. Our little family. I love moments like this. Happy Birthday Benson! I love you like crazy!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Big One

I told myself that I would start up a family blog when Benson was born...well here I whole year later. Better late then never I guess. This post is for you Benson Boy.

Dang, what an awesome year we have had! Benson has brought this whole new life to our little family. Holidays are more fun. Vacations are more fun. Plain ordinary days are more fun.

I remember being pregnant and trying to imagine what this boy would look like. Chubby, well thats a given, anyone who has seen baby pictures of me can only guess my offspring will be "fluffy" as well. I never imagined having a little blonde haired boy with big o' luscious lips, and blue eyes to match his dads. And long eyelashes to match his dads. This little guy looks so much like Bryce its crazy. Some days I just look at him and try to find me in there somewhere. I guess I can claim the majority of those cute fluffy cheeks!

But I love this boy of mine. I love seeing the ways in which you are just like me:

I love that you are a little grumpy when you wake up...just like me.

I love that your hair gets curly when its wet...just like me.

I love how easy going you are...just like me.

I love that you love to take naps...just like me.

I love that you have to be in the mood to cuddle... just like me. and

I love that you love to take pictures...just like me.

Here are a few favorites from his 1 year portrait session.

So his one year portrait session was a little more stressful than other portrait sessions we have done with him. He would normally just sit there and smile big for the camera. Oh no. Not anymore. He had to play with the rocks like he had never seen something so amazing before. It felt like me and Bryce had to put on miniature circus acts to try and get him to smile. No Benson...I already have enough pictures of your zoolander lips and you "raising the roof," please just sit and smile. And then we brought out the balloon, what an awesome idea, he's going to love this balloon and smile so nice. He. Hated. That. Balloon. He hated that it was tied to his wrist. And he hated that it followed him everywhere. Stupid Balloon, I don't know what I was thinking. The last set of pictures really captures his feelings of the balloon.