Sunday, March 13, 2011

too fast.

 my parents always said "you kids grow up way too fast"

i loved it. i loved growing up fast.

now im the parent. who looks at her not so little boy everyday.

and thinks

"you're growing up way too fast"

i hate it.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

it all happened so fast...

I was getting some work done on the computer. editing like a mad woman.

Benson was playing nice and wasnt bothering me.

I could hear him walk out of the room and then come back in. talking jibberish to himself.

"this is nice" i thought "maybe we dont need a second child"

It was eventually time for a break. and thats when I turned the computer chair around.

thats when i saw it. saw all of it.

half eaten pretzel sticks

close to fifty wet wipes

a single hot wheels car



a can of refried beans

a kitchen towel

papers from the trash

I can't help but think...maybe its time for Benson to have a sibling?