Monday, December 12, 2011

hot cocoa.

Our hot chocolate machine has been brewing alot of hot cocoa this year. creamy, frothy, sweet sweet hot cocoa. Benson loves it, pretty much because we give it to him barely warm, so its more like chocolate milk but with marshmallows. 

Our cocoa-latte machine, this thing's amazing. I will never make a cup of hot cocoa without it.

I'm not sure whats going on in this picture? Not sure why Benson's face looks ginormous?
And not sure why he is trying to hold his mug with one finger. But me and bryce couldnt stop laughing when we came across this pic.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


wait for it...

there it is.

Not sure yet. wether i am completely disgusted. or completely proud of this.

Monday, December 5, 2011


I'm obsessed with Christmas. I love everything about it. Except that its my busiest most craziest time of the year.

And for some reason or another, i am surviving. I give alot of that credit to bryce, who has been my mr brawny lately. Cleaning and picking up all of Benson's messes that take place everyday while im working on the computer. And i feel like there has been other help too. imaginary help that has given me the energy to work late at night allowing me to spend more time with my little family. And allowing me to enjoy every  little christmasy moment that takes place during this magical holiday.

One of my favorite moments is putting up the christmas tree. And it became one of Benson's favorites as well.

We turned on Christmas music, danced, sang, put up the tree and lights. And then we sat back and watched as Bens put all of the balls on the tree. He was loving it and he was in the zone. Every ball was placed with careful consideration. And after it was placed there was either a "yes!" or a "nice!" or a "i did it!"

There ended up being clusters of balls all along the bottom third of the tree. It looked hideous. But i loved it. And i loved that my little guy did it all.

We eventually spread the rest of the balls out. but now i am wishing we would have kept it the way it was.