Thursday, October 28, 2010


One day I was at target (im pretty sure I could possibly start every post like that). and they had pumpkins. Lots of pumpkins. I debated if I would let Benson pick one out. And then I couldnt help but think about my childhood halloweens. How exciting it was to go down to the pumpkin patch with my family for family home evening. To scour that whole patch and find that perfect pumpkin. that one that was better than my brothers and sister's. So with that being said, we decided to take Benson to the Pumpkin patch to pick out his very first pumpkin.

I was a little nervous to see if he would have any anxieties with all the pumpkins. you know. remember last year...

...but he didn't. He loved it at that pumpkin patch. He loved walking around and touching every single pumpkin. We decided to let him pick out his very own. Of course. He wanted that 18 pound pumpkin. No. Sorry Bens. Dad didnt bring the credit card. So we guided him over to the wagon of small pumpkins. then, we decided to let him pick out his very own. And he did. he loved that little pumpkin. he kissed that little pumpkin. he couldnt live without that little pumpkin. so we bought it. for 2 dollars.
and he was the happiest little boy in the world. 

Monday, October 25, 2010

a halloween we will never forget.

"Chancho. When you are a man, sometimes you wear stretchy pants in your room. It's for fun."

Yes. You guessed it. our little man is Nacho Libre for Halloween. He had the perfect body for it so we had to do it.

I found a dress for him at target which came with the blue tights. And then with help from my awesome mother, we bought all the fabric, and sewed his cape and mask. His red undies are little boys 2T, which, lets face it, doesnt suprise any of us.

We were shocked. He loved the costume. the minute he put those stretchy pants on he knew something was special about what he was wearing. You could see it in his eyes and the way he walked. he was my little benson boy. no. my little nacho boy. I couldnt have been more proud.

We bought him the classic orange pumpkin bucket. which he loved. And which took his mind off the fact that he was wearing a mexican wrestling mask.

Bryce put together a video of Benson and his costume. enjoy!




big hug. little kiss. little hug. big kiss.

Halloween 2010 from Bryce Gurr on Vimeo.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

airplanes in the afternoon.

I think its so funny when you have a child and they somehow open your eyes to things you never used to notice. like airplanes. benson is obsessed. the weather has been so nice lately so we have been hanging out out front every afternoon. Benson will be playing with the rocks, i will be reading. Then all the sudden Benson will point up to the sky and say something like ooo ooo. I didnt even notice the small airplane or hear it as it passed though the sky. But benson did. and he made sure i looked at each and every one as it sailed through the sky that evening. There happened to be alot that night.

But I loved it. i forgot how cool airplanes are.

I think its cool that we can hear them fly when they are so far away.

Its cool when they leave lines of clouds that intersect each other through the sky.

Its cool to think that when you wave at an airplane, somehow the people on board can see you.

Its cool to notice airplanes again.
thanks bens.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

i have a dream.

Well actually I have two. one realistic. one not so realistic.

Lets just start with the unrealistic so we can get it out of the way. I've always dreamed of buying a junky beach house on Newport Beach and then renovating it into my dream home for us to live in. and yes, family and friends to use as well. But thats a dream.

Ok. realistic dream. i have a vision of me and my family, we have two kids at the time, and we are traveling up the west coast in our motorhome. motorhome? I know what your thinking...those suckers can be 100 grand easy. And yes, new ones are pricey. Let me tell you what we're thinking. First. imagine ugly. wait, go uglier. We are talking probably early 70's ugly. Under 2 grand. Class C Motorhome. Yes, the outside will probably look like white trash. But the inside is going to be a beauty. We would completely reno it. Probably paint all the cabinets a vintage white, add new hardware, put in new carpet or wood flooring, new coat of paint on the walls,reupholster with some cool new fabrics, and maybe add some granite countertops. It's hard to look at a picture like below and see the coolness it could have. But I can see it. And I wouldn't be ashamed to drive it.

I want to travel with my family. I want to create memories that will last us our lifetime. I want to drive up the PCH in our butt ugly motorhome. I want to see ocean views from our cute little kitchen while we drive. I want to travel through pismo beach and show our kids the little beach town we spent our honeymoon at. I want to travel up through monteray and walk through their awesome aquarium again. I want to drive through San Francisco and get our family picture taken in front of the bay bridge. I want to camp at Yosemite National Park. I want a picture of my little kids in front of giant redwoods at redwood national park. I want to travel through Oregon, a state I have never seen. I want to drive through Seattle, a city I've always wanted to visit. I want to visit a best friend if they have not moved back to Az by that time. I want to drive through Forks, just to see what its like :) And then, I want to turn around and drive home.

And of course, when we arent using our sweet motorhome. Its up for free grabs when you want to take your family on the ride of their life!

So here is our dilemma. and the reason for this post. we need some help. we need your advice.

We keep debating over an old motorhome or a vintage travel trailer. We have pros and cons of each.

With a motorhome we could drive it. we could walk back and get in bed when one of us gets tired. I could be baking cookies while we drive. We would have a bathroom for potty breaks so we wouldnt need to pull over. We could tow our quads if we wanted. would have an engine, an old one, and all the maintenance that comes with engines. right now thats my only con. oh and they are ugly on the outside.

With a vintage travel trailer you have no engine just a couple of tires. They are sweet looking especially when they have a cool paint job. It would take less maintenance. cant enjoy it while you drive it. you tow it.

Here are a few travel trailers I have found that I LOVE! Of course i am posting the coolest ones I have found. There are lots of uglies out there. And an ugly we would probably buy and then fix up. but they also have great potential.

This next one is my favorite. A husband and wife renovated this travel trailer for their cupcake business.

So we are asking for some advice. give us your opinion. because one day, family and friends, you will want to borrow our renovated motorhome/travel trailer.

or we can get one like this and hook it to Bryce's bike. ha!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Payson. 2 ways.

Yes. This post is coming to you two ways today. photos and video.

Saturday we decided to head up to payson for some bike riding and a picnic. It was beautiful. and the weather. even more beautiful. Benson's best friend was able to come with us. His 16 year old best friend. his uncle brett. We drove down to Woods Canyon Lake and had a kfc picnic. Then we road our bikes along a path that leads from the lake and up along side the rim. or really on the edge of the rim, is what it feels like. But it is beautiful up there. feels like you're on top of the world. Oh and Benson, he loved it. love love loved it. You could tell because the minute i got him out of the truck he squealed. he really did. he was outdoors. he was in nature. he was standing next to his dads bike. yes, I think a pig-like squeal was appropriate.

Bryce was able to capture the whole day on video. a whole day in Benson's shoes. It wouldn't upload so you have to go to the link, sorry.

Dad, I hope you're proud of your daughter. Finally posted some mountain biking pictures and video. Hopefully you will like our blog now :)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

like son.

It's true. it really is. at first i just thought they looked alike. but its so much more than that. benson loves his dad. so much. so much i get jealous sometimes. his favorite thing lately is being in the garage with his dad. i dont know exactly what they are doing out there. playing with bikes and tools and stuff. but there is some serious bonding going on. the other day bryce was going to head out to the garage alone. benson through a fit. THROUGH A FIT. cried so long and hard and then fainted. yes. passed out. dont worry. he does it all the time. 

We went to Bryce's parents yesterday so Bryce could work on something for a friend. Benson brought his tools with him. just like dad.

toolbox. check.

toolbelt. check. (thanks bryn :) )

hammer. check.

pliers. check.

safety glasses. check.

father son bonding. check.

safety glasses off. check.

big goofy funnel on. check.

one very happy. blessed. grateful girl with two amazing twin boys in her life. check. check.