Friday, May 13, 2011


I think normal women have these moments when they hold a newborn baby. That feeling you get. deep down. That feeling of wanting another child. of wanting a sibling for your kid. that feeling of wanting another spirit in your home. I had a few of these moments this week, but not in your normal way.

One moment came while I was doing something I do almost everyday lately. I was editing pics from one of my shoots. I can usually get into a groove with editing. This picture threw off my groove completely. I opened it, ready to edit, and all I could do was just stare at it. Touched by the single act of the little one's hand on his older brothers. I can remember when I took this shot, they got into this stance naturally. This stance thats states, we are brothers and we look out for each other.

Another moment came when our friends came over to play this week. i cant help but admire these boys. They act like brothers. they play like brothers. they talk about being brothers. And when they are over, they treat bens just like a brother. They always tell him "someday benson you can be five like me and then you can be a big brother." I can't help but smile when Benson plays with them. He will literally try and do everything that they do. When they eat lunch at the table, bens has to eat lunch at the table. Heaven forbid he gets seen eating in the highchair when his friends are over, how embarrassing. When they play the wii, Benson has to "play" the wii. I crack up just watching their facial expressions, and watching Bens try to imitate. Its moments like this that make me ache for a sibling for Benson.

And then there's moments like Sunday, when we all slept in until 9. And then I think, I'm liking our little family of three.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

the farm

Us girls are always looking for new spots to have lunch besides the normal Paradise or Costa Vida. Jess came across this little gem called The Farm. There is actually three different restaurants in this little area. one for breakfast. one for lunch. and one for dinner. If the breakfast and dinner restaurants are as good as lunch then we will be visiting again real soon. But lunch was a little pricey, so maybe not as soon as we would like. But this place was gorgeous. They have groves of trees where you can sit at picnic tables and eat while your kids run around. And our lunches came in cute little picnic baskets. I wish I would have taken a picture of the sandwich I had but i'm afraid I ate it too fast. 

My favorite part of this place was letting the kids run and explore while us girls visited. Of course, Bens is still the only boy in the group, but I dont think he minds that too much.

Him and Miss P seemed to be getting along quite comfortably on the fence.

Group pictures are always difficult, especially with children. If Bens had realized that Peighton was a nose picker, i dont think he would have been smoochen on her earlier.