Saturday, September 17, 2011

all about dad.

It just feels like yesterday, i was livin the high life. Everything was momma. It was Benson's last words before he went to bed and his first words in the morning. I loved the sound of a little boy yelling from his bedroom "moooooom!" It made my morning.

And at nightime, after prayers, it was always "i want mom." I would try not to let Bryce see my face full of smiles, as Benson would leap into my arms. I couldnt do anything but give Bryce a look that said "i'm sorry he loves me so much" or "im sorry im the favorite"

now everything has changed. The past few weeks. its all about dad.

It's his first words in the morning. I walk into his room and he say's "uuhhh dad?"
and I say "no, dad is at work"

And then, the chant starts, "i want dad" "i want dad" or "i work too"  and a little piece of my heart breaks with each sentence.

And his last words at night are now "i want dad"  Benson gives me a quick hug and kiss and then practically jumps out of my arms and into Bryce's. And now, bryce is the one giving me that look. and i hate it. i hate that look. and thats usually when i turn around and leave the room.

I dont get it Benson. Why the sudden change?

Is it because Dad lets you stay up late when Mom's at book club?

Is it because Dad gives you 30 minute baths?

Is it because Dad took you grocery shopping ONE time and bought you a gallon of chocolate milk?

Is it because he wrestles with you every single night?

Is it because he lets you have red vines before bedtime?

Yea, I guess you have a point, Dad is pretty awesome.

Monday, September 5, 2011

summers end.

I wish all summer's could end like this. in a hammock.

We spent the extended weekend up at the cabin with Bryce's family. I didnt take a lot of pictures. And well, to be honest, i didn't do a whole lot of anything. what I do remember is:

a hammock


beautiful weather



It was the perfect end to my summer vacation.

And now its back to work.