Thursday, August 30, 2012


I still can't believe it Bens, you are 3 years old.

I can remember the day you were born, perfectly. It was and will always be one of the best days of my life.

For the longest time you were my little guy. My little benson boy. I watched as you turned 1 and then 2. You were growing up so fast yet in my eyes you were still my little boy.

And then, about two weeks ago, you turned 3. And I started to see my big boy Benson.

And then, just one week ago, a new little guy joined our family. Your baby brother.

And now, all of the sudden, you are huge. It seems you have aged years overnight. I still cant process my emotions about this. Part of me (a rather large part) is happy to see you as a big boy and as a big brother. And another part of me wants to cry...and cry. And then hop into a time machine and turn back the clock 2 years. (Luckily that is only a small part of me)

What a joy it has been to watch you this past week. Watch you become a big brother. Watch you become my big helper. And watch you become a big boy.

You are now, officially, my triple B, my BBB, my Big Boy Benson.

Here are a few current things about you Benson.

You love CARS. No, you are obsessed with CARS. The movies, the cars, anything that has Lightning Mcqueen on it (backpacks, lunchboxes, tee-shirts, watches, cups, books, etc...)

Anytime you go down the hallway, you have to start your engine, name the type of vehicle you are, and then race to wherever you are going.

Your favorite phrase is "Ka-Chow!"

Your dream right now is to go to Carsland and visit Radiator Springs and meet Lightning Mcqueen.
(we will be going in one month and we are all pretty excited about it).

You love books. We read at least 2 every night to you.

You are still wearing a diaper. And have told me on many occasions "i love my diapers"
(hoping to get this fixed as soon as possible)

You love having a new big boy room and big boy bed. Its decorated in bikes (another one of your favorite things)

You love being a big brother.

You hate it when your little brother cries.

Your favorite time of the day is 3pm when your dad gets home. You two turn into spies and secret agents and find all of the bad guys in our house. thank you for that.

Your best buds are Dax and Wyatt, you talk about them non-stop.

You have the cutest imagination and I love hearing the things you talk about.

You love cuddling on the couch with Mom and watching a movie (i usually have 10 other things i should be doing but i enjoy the cuddle from my big boy)

You have the sweetest personality, no one can help but love you.

Happy belated birthday my Big Boy Benson.

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